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This is Dive - your remote team's social space.
Dive is a powerful platform that helps foster culture, build human connection, and drives employee engagement across a remote workplace. With Dive, you get to hang out, play games, engage in meaningful conversations, and have fun experiences TOGETHER. 🤝

Dive's User Interface
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Bring Your Team Together

Drive employee engagement and collaboration

Increase remote employee engagement with tailor-made team-building activities and games.

Build a unified culture where teammates feel connected and valued

Boost team morale, connection, and camaraderie among coworkers while having a whole lot of fun.

Easy to set up

The Dive platform is easy to set up and completely repeatable - say goodbye to the hassle of planning something new every week.

Games and Activities

Endless ways to bond and engage 🤝

It's all fun and games with Dive! With 50+ fun games, activities, and modules built right in, Dive never gets old.


Rituals : Your repeated dose of fun 🥳

Rituals are incredibly easy to set up and help organize recurring events or hangouts that your team loves! Say goodbye to the hassle of planning something new every week.

Rituals to scale team culture
Personalized rooms

There is a Dive Room for everything

Dive is customizable for every team based on their interests. This means that you can host a multitude of meetings and events, play games, watch videos and more, all on one platform.

Interactive platform

Laugh yourself silly with emojis, gifs and sounds 🤪

Dive is interactive, easy to use, and makes for an absolutely delightful experience. With new ways to express using emojis, gifs, and sounds, let your personality shine as you share in the joys and laughter of your teammates.

Interactive platform

A bundle of delight

Dive is interactive, easy to use, and delightful. Everything falls in place seamlessly to let you have a great time.

Virtual team bonding has never been so easy

One-click to join

Invite your team to join Dive rooms with just one click.

Browser-based platform

No need to download clunky video software.

Customizable platform

Bring your team together and host all events in one place.

Make remote work human
and fun with Dive

Ways to use Dive

With Dive the fun never ends

Dive is truly limitless when it comes to the ways in which you can hang out with your peers. Bond over shared experiences, increase engagement, and make your teammates feel connected and valued like never before - all in one place.


Every hangout is an experience

Dive is truly limitless when it comes to ways to hang out with your peers. Get creative and use Dive for shared experiences that suit your culture.

Deep Slack Integration.

Man surfing emoji

Connect with a click

Start a Dive session from Slack. /dive automatically posts an active Dive room link for anyone to join from Slack or creates a new room.

Nudge them from Dive

Send nudges to your peers on Slack right from within Dive. And receive Slack nudges whenever someone wants to hang out with you.

Link your channel

Link a Slack channel to a Dive room to notify and stay notified on Slack of everything happening in the room.

One-click to join

Joining a room is as easy as clicking the invite link — no download required.

Your data belongs to you

We take privacy seriously. Walk out with memories, not loss of data.

The best people-first companies use Dive to build and reinforce culture and engagement 🤝


Pratik Agarwal

Vice President, Accel

At Accel, we're excited to be early users of Dive. We've found Dive to be particularly useful in onboarding our new colleagues in a remote-only environment. Dive's games and fun activities act as a great ice-breaker for all of us to get to know each other better in a safe environment.


Milla Heikkilä

Head of People, Sofokus

Our folks are getting fixed as a crew after using Dive. They are building their team spirit here. It's all happening better and faster on Dive than any other tool we've been using. It just feels really natural because it's a place where we can hang out together virtually. Dive is surely helping us sustain our culture remotely.


Ravish Naresh

CEO, Khatabook

Transitioning from an office-first company to a 100% remote company was a big challenge for us. Culture was the biggest concern. Thanks to Dive, engaging team members and building an awesome culture is very easy. If you are part of a remote team, you have to use Dive. If not for you, use it for your colleagues because they'll love it.


Rafael Ugolini

Reports & Insights Manager, Collibra

Dive became, sort of, like a cool place where we hang out. The main difference is this. You can either drink coffee and chat in a meeting room or experience the same coffee conversation at a cafe. You are basically having the same coffee with the same people but the environment is different. That's what makes the conversations more memorable.

Dive in for a FUNtastic time with your team!