Where remote teams meet bond

Dive is THE space for remote teams to socialize. Play games, have drop-in conversations, connect on similar topics, watch videos, and do fun activities TOGETHER — on video.

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Engage with your team mates

Lets Dive is you team's space to have fun with each other.

🎯 Games and fun activities

Endless ways to have fun

Get access to hundreds of games and activities to bond with your team and have fun

🙌 Spontaneous

Be a part of different stories

Engage in drop-in chats and hop between rooms to participate in multiple conversations. Bring back serendipity at work.

🖐️ Make memories more often

Your hangout, your way

Dive lets you not just "meet" but truly "connect" and bond with your team steadily. And makes sure it doesn't end with fun Fridays.

😍 Easy. Interactive. Beautiful

A bundle of delight

Dive is interactive, easy to use, and delightful. Everything falls in place seamlessly to let you have a great time.

Hundreds of companies use Dive to build better culture

"Transitioning from an office first company to 100% remote company was a big challenge for us. Culture was the biggest concern. Thanks to dive, engaging team members and build an awesome culture is very easy. If you are the part of a remote team, you have to use Dive. If not for you, use it for your colleagues because they'll love it."

Ravish Naresh