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Lets Dive brings your team together wherever they are. Socialize with your colleagues by doing things that you love. Play games and have fun together.

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Build a culture that drives success

Engage with your team mates

Lets Dive is you team's space to have fun with each other.


Build meaningful relationships easily

Start your fun with a click. No more sharing links and account creation on new game sites. Integrated video chat and voice chat will enhance your relationships.


Connect with colleagues on common interests

Make groups for your common interests like Pets, Books, Sports or anything else you want to bond with people on.

Do something new

Introduce new activities

Choose from hundreds of recommended activities for your team. We have worked with hundreds of remote companies and organizational psychologists to build the world's finest remote team fun library.

Hundreds of companies use Dive to build better culture

"Transitioning from an office first company to 100% remote company was a big challenge for us. Culture was the biggest concern. Thanks to dive, engaging team members and build an awesome culture is very easy. If you are the part of a remote team, you have to use Dive. If not for you, use it for your colleagues because they'll love it."

Ravish Naresh

About Us

The team that makes it possible!

We have been leading the remote work movement for the past 5 years. We love remote work and we believe that remote work helps us live a better and fulfilled life. Before starting Dive we have built, scaled, and sold Indiez, a 100% remote work company. We have also led and scaled many successful companies like Ola, and MyKarma.

Nitesh Agrawal

Co-founder. Led Indiez as founder and CEO where he built a community of 10,000+ engineers from 50+ countries and was one of the first 100% remote org. Prev - Early employee at Housing.com, Ola. IITB Grad.

Om Prakash

Co-founder. He has built and scaled many startups as CTO. His previous startup, MyKarma received insane traction. Before that he built Fitzoo, a SaaS platform for Gyms and FA Labs an AI Innovation Lab.