Your remote team's
social space

Dive Rooms are a social space where you can onboard new employees, hangout and engage in fun team activities over video. And the best part is that it is customizable! You can customize Dive Rooms based on shared interests and host meetings that your team will look forward to joining.

Engage with anyone, anywhere and anytime

Join a Dive Room to have spontaneous chats or planned hangout sessions with anyone in your team.

Unwind — one
game at a time

Dive rooms have over 50+ games like Poker, Draw Party, and a bunch of other fun activities designed for remote teams to engage and have fun together.

React and create fun moments 😋

Say goodbye to boring meetings and make your Dive session more engaging and interactive with emojis, gifs, and sounds.

The more the merrier!

Easily connect with up to 100 people in a room, even before you could count to 10.

More people. More fun

Easily connect with up to 100 people in a room, before you could count to 10.

Invite teammates to your Dive with a click 🖱️

Joining a room is as easy as clicking the invite link — no download required.

Your data belongs to you

We take privacy seriously. Walk out with memories, not loss of data.

Dive in for a FUNtastic time with your team!