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An office is a fun place. You make friends there. You hang out with your buddies in the cafeteria.

You go out for walks or to drink boba. You watch the last few minutes of a nail-biting football match together. And cheer and hi-fi together when your team wins!

All those things helped us build deep meaningful relationships with our colleagues.

But in the world of Slack, the sense of humanity is getting lost. Messaging makes things transactional.

We miss being those dinners together after an intense workday and being vulnerable.

Today, it is hard to build relationships. Reason - you have to be very intentional to build relationships and that's more work.

We're not talking about those small talks on weather, weekend, and ssup? before/after daily update call.

We're talking about the deep camaraderie that you build with your team members.

The one that makes you feel that you belong where you work.

Dive's mission is to give you a sense of purpose while working together wherever you are. We’re committed to working with you to find the right solution.

We do this by helping you do things together. Bond on things that you care about. Pets, Sports, Music, D&D, or anything else. Play and have fun!

We believe that to make remote work work, we'll have to first make it human. If we fail to do that, we would rush to office as soon as the pandemic is over and it is safe to go out.

Join our movement to make remote human.

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