Bad meetings are a thing of the past.

Bring action items and meeting notes into every meeting to align your team, build accountability, and move projects forward. Host effective, productive, and engaging meetings with Dive.

13,000+ teams host great meetings with Dive

Get more done before, during, and after every meeting.

Supercharge event invites with agendas and notes.

Build and collaborate on agendas in advance - right in your calendar event. Now everything your team needs to show up prepared for a productive meeting is right in the invite. Then start meetings with everything you need. As soon as you click to join the meeting, your agenda and notes will pop-up in the same tab.

Keep alignment, focus, and energy high

Stay on time with built-in timers, boost collaboration with apps like Whiteboard and Polls, and bring a spark to your meetings with GIFs and sound reactions. No more flipping through tabs and searching different sites for icebreakers and activities - you can find everything in the Dive sidebar, which pops up automatically as you open your meeting.

collaborate better with a whiteboard, polls and flashcards

Simple follow-up that moves projects forward

Keep your team accountable with meeting recaps and action items, sent out post-meeting to every participant automatically. Then stay on top of your to-dos with searchable, up-to-date list of tasks.

graphical user interface, application

If meetings leave your team wondering

  • What is this meeting even about?
  • Who is supposed to keep track of notes and time?
  • What are the action items I need to remember?
  • Why can’t we get anything done during meetings?
  • Could this have been an email?
  • Is this a good use of my time?
It’s time to start meeting with Dive.

Double meeting engagement without changing your workflow

Dive integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and the most popular calendar applications and for an easy transition to better meetings. Seamlessly adopt next-level meeting management practices.

Pre-built meeting templates

Run more productive, aligned meetings with our library of pre-built meeting templates, complete with step-by-step guides and Dive pro tips for amazing meetings.

50,000+ meetings and counting..

Take it from our deep Divers

“Dive gave my team a much-needed jolt of energy. Even more importantly, it unlocked meaningful human connection throughout the organization.”

Daniel LAW
VP, Product @Guidepoint

“I’m not exaggerating when I say this: Dive has saved me several hundred hours of work this past year. From sorting out meeting activities to actually helping me facilitate meaningful work sessions."

Rafael Ugolini,
Engineering manager @collibra

“Dive helps my folks feel more connected to one another, in and out of meetings. The results – a drop in employee churn, increase in productivity, and way more attendance and focus during meetings”

Ravish Naresh,
CEO @khatabook

Enterprise-grade security that you can count on.

Dive is committed to securing your important information and ensuring the privacy of every user, so that you can focus on hosting the most productive meetings. Our platform regularly performs penetration testing, is committed to GDPR compliance, and is SOC2, ISO, and HIPPA certified.

we are SOC2, HIPPA and GDPR compliant
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