Make remote work human

The world has officially changed, we've gone remote! And, it has changed our lives for the better.

We are working from wherever we want, living wherever we want — with our parents, friends, kids, or in the middle of nowhere. All this without compromising on the quality of work.

The ability to work remotely is giving us fulfillment and freedom. Work is no longer about clocking hours in an office.

However, just how it’s with all things good, remote work has its share of challenges.

Between all the time spent attending video calls and responding to messages on Slack, the real feeling of connection is lost. We need to feel connected, to feel that we belong.

The biggest challenge in front of us today is to make remote work human.

Togetherness is the plinth of any culture. When the team camaraderie goes missing, we become isolated and disengaged.

While there are many tools to solve remote work problems, there are hardly any tools to solve remote work culture problems. We have Slack as the virtual work-desk, Zoom as the virtual conference room, but do we have a Cafe?

In the hyperconnected world of remote, isolation is the biggest problem, not productivity.

We believe that real relationships get built through interactions outside of work. And we’ve found a way to make that happen remotely!

Enter Dive — Your team’s social space. On Dive, you can socialize and have fun by doing many activities together. You can play games like Poker, Codenames and many more. You can even organize a youtube watch party together.

Not only this… Dive also has tools like Ice-breakers. These tools are designed to help you eliminate those awkward silences. And, they make getting to know your fellow team members so much easier.

We’re on a bold mission to make remote work human. If you believe in the importance of togetherness wherever you are, come join us on our journey!

About Us

The team that makes it possible!

We have been leading the remote work movement for the past 5 years. We love remote work and we believe that remote work helps us live a better and fulfilled life. Before starting Dive we have built, scaled, and sold Indiez, a 100% remote work company. We have also led and scaled many successful companies like Ola, and MyKarma.

Nitesh Agrawal

Co-founder. Led Indiez as founder and CEO where he built a community of 10,000+ engineers from 50+ countries and was one of the first 100% remote org. Prev - Early employee at, Ola. IITB Grad.

Om Prakash

Co-founder. He has built and scaled many startups as CTO. His previous startup, MyKarma received insane traction. Before that he built Fitzoo, a SaaS platform for Gyms and FA Labs an AI Innovation Lab.