1:1 Meeting for Effective Managers

Leapsome believes that 1:1 meetings between managers and employees are crucial for ensuring that employees feel valued and supported at work.

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Meeting Scope
One on one
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1-on-1 Meetings
Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting

💬 General questions

General questions to ask the direct report.

How are you doing?

What's on your mind this week?

Any admin items (e.g. holidays) that we should discuss?

❓ Alignment

General questions to understand how they are aligning with the company and role.

How confident do you feel with where the company is going?

Do you have any questions about strategy?

Do you need any additional input from me?

🎯 Progress

General questions to understand what progress has been made since the last conversation.

What are the key achievements since the last meeting?

How are you progressing towards your goals?

What are the current roadblocks?

What's one thing you learned since we last talked?

What has challenged you since we last talked?

What has gone well since we last talked?

🤝 Relationships

Questions to build rapport, transparency and gather feedback.

What feedback do you have for me?

Any interactions you'd like to discuss?

How can I best support you between now and the next time we meet?

🚀 Aspirations

Questions to understand your direct reports’ career goals to see how you can help them grow and succeed.

What progress have you made on your career goals?

Which skills would you like to continue working on?

✅ Next steps

Questions to understand the next steps after this meeting.

What are this week's top priorities?

Anything we should discuss next time?

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