1-on-1 Employee Job Satisfaction Meeting

Use this template to conduct an Employee Job Satisfaction Meeting to understand how they are currently feeling about the role, management, and the company.

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💬 Talking points

Discuss the following questions with your direct report.

Are you feeling valued at work?

Are you satisfied with your recent work?

Do you feel encouraged to come up with new ideas/or be creative?

Does this role make good use of your skills and interests?

What do you enjoy most about working here?

How satisfied are you with management?

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment here?

What is one thing we can do to help your experience more enjoyable?

How do you enjoy the culture?

Is there any feedback you would give about the company culture?

✍️ Debrief

Debrief the points you listed above.

🔑 Key takeaways

What action items are we taking away from this meeting?

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