1-on-1 With Social Media Manager Meeting

Use this template to conduct a 1-on-1 meeting with the Social Media Manager on your team to understand how your social media accounts are performing.

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Meeting Scope
One on one
Meeting type
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Tone of the meeting

🚀 Content metrics

What were some key metrics from last week’s content?






📊 Analytics

What can we evaluate from the social media analytics and how can we use this to improve our performance?

💬 Engagement

What interesting engagement have we received? What works well?

💡 Insights on trends

What research have you conducted and what insights have you gained? Are there new trends we should be following?

💭 New initiatives

Are there new social media opportunities or initiatives we should implement?

🗓 Upcoming social media content

What content do we have coming up? What are you excited about?

✅ Action items

What are the next steps?

📝 Notepad

Anything else to write down?

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