8 Key Areas Approach Meeting

Crafting a list of headings with questions will ensure that your one-on-ones cover important topics. Here are eight key areas we recommend.

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Tone of the meeting

Top of mind

These could be all the ‘random questions’ that they wrote throughout the week, important updates, or personal news.

Things that went well

Have your direct report describe the things that went well during their week.


Inquire about your direct report’s learnings (or have a heading that encourages them to write their learnings every week).


Spend some time reviewing and reorganizing your direct report’s projects, and finding ways to help them be more productive.

Challenges and concerns

Ask your employees about the roadblocks that stand in their way.

Team dynamics

How is the team doing? Do they have any suggestions on the way the team works together?


Ask for feedback, recognize your employees for their great work, and share recommendations on how they can improve.

Career development

Revisit your direct report’s professional development plan.

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