Acquisition Decision-Making Meeting

Acquisitions are a big decision that will have a huge impact. Use this template to ensure you have discussed all options before making this decision.

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💬 Discussion

Buying a business requires a clear vision of what you expect your company to achieve and how you will get there.

Does an acquisition make more sense than internal expansion, licensing, franchising or a joint venture?

Will an acquisition increase your market share?

Will the acquisition improve your competitive position?

Will it enhance shareholder value?

🔎 Impact

Address financial obligations and operational changes that come with an acquisition.

✍️ Due diligence

Discuss how you will invest in a proper due diligence process.

🏢 Business

Discuss if the current state of the business is ready for acquisition.

❓ Questions

What topics are left to be discussed? Any questions?

🥁 Decision

Where are we at with our decision?

✅ Next steps

What are our next steps?

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