Agile Project Kick-Off Meeting

Agile Project Kick-Offs leave employees with a clear action plan and next steps. Unlock these benefits by reviewing the project, strategy, vision and scope with your team and this template!

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Meeting type
Project Meetings
Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting

🔄 Project overview

Discuss a high-level project summary and the requirements of the effort.

Goals of the project

Project vision and scope


Success criteria



Design / Architectural review

Test environment

Technical / Business dependencies

Key stakeholders

👩Team roles

Introduce the team’s roles, and responsibilities, and provide the chain of communication.

Product owner:

Scrum master:

Team members:

⭐️Scrum ceremonies

Introduce the supporting ceremonies and their value. Include the dates when these ceremonies are scheduled to happen.

Daily standup

Sprint planning

Sprint grooming

Sprint review (Demo)

Sprint retrospective

🤝Team norms

Do all parties have access to the working board?

Working board (JIRA or Linear):

Internal docs, folders / Confluence site

✅Action plan

What is the outcome of this meeting? What are the action items?

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