Ansoff Matrix Exercise

Use this Ansoff Matrix template, also called the Product/Market Expansion Grid, to analyze and plan your company's growth strategies.

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🚀 Market penetration

How can we increase our product’s market share with a market penetration strategy?

Can we launch a new marketing campaign?

Can we offer a special price promotion?

Can we start a partnership?

🔨 Product development

Brainstorm ways to develop a new product to cater to the existing market.

Can we offer a new version of the product?

Could we offer bundles or packages?

Can we expand our service offering?

🛒 Market development

Discuss ideas and tactics to cater to a different customer segment.

Can we launch into a new geographic market?

Can we launch a new sales channel?

Can we target a different demographic?

🦄 Diversification

Ideate how to introduce a new product into a new market.

What new products can we launch?

What new geographic areas or markets do we want to access?

How will we approach both things and why?

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