Career Development Conversation

Follow this 3-step career conversation framework curated by Russ Laraway, Employee Experience Evangelist at Qualtrics and former executive at Twitter and Google.\n\n

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Tone of the meeting

🔍 Life story

Understand their motivations, values and what drives them.

Starting with kindergarten, tell me about your life.

What have been the major pivots and transitions?

Why did you make them?

What did those transitions teach you about what you love/hate about work?

💬 Dreams

Understand where they want to be at the pinnacle of their career.

What do you want the pinnacle of your career to look like?

List 4-5 different dreams for the future.

What skills are needed to accomplish those dreams?

How can I help you acquire those skills? (brainstorm)

💪 Career action plan

Create an eighteen-month plan.

What do you need to learn in order to move in the direction of your dreams?

How will you prioritize the things you need to learn?

What opportunities at work would help you develop those skills in the next six to eighteen months? (brainstorm)

✅ Action items

What are the next steps?

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