Chief Revenue Officer Interview

Chief Revenue Officers lead the revenue portion of the business. Follow these questions to help assess your prospective CRO and their fit.

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👋 Introduction

Give the candidate an opportunity to introduce themselves to you and potentially other interviewers.

Tell me about yourself?

✍️ Past experience

Learn a little bit more about the candidate’s previous experience with the questions below.

Tell me how you go about formulating a strategic revenue plan. Give me a sense of your process.

Tell me about how you use KPIs and other metrics to measure and improve performance.

What types of digital marketing techniques have been successful in your previous roles?

In previous roles, what actions did you take if you couldn’t uncover the information you needed?

✍️ Situational questions

Present relevant situations to the candidate to understand how they would react and resolve the issues.

If you disagreed with the CFO on an important business decision, how would you handle it?

✍️ Behavioural questions

Ask the candidate about their previous experience to understand how they have dealt with things in the past.

Describe a time you completed a mission-critical project or initiative against multiple constraints.

Describe one of the toughest challenges you’ve ever faced at work. How did you overcome it?

Tell me about one or two stocks that you follow and why. What is the most important metric to look at?

🤔 Other questions

Ask the candidate additional questions that will help clarify if they qualify for the role.

How do you maintain accuracy and quality control in your work?


Any questions for me?

✅ Next steps

Communicate with the candidate what the next steps are.

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