Client Intake for Paralegal Meeting

The first step in acquiring a new client in a legal department is typically the initial interview. Use this meeting template to interview potential clients.

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Meeting Scope
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Meeting type
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Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting


What prompted the client to need a lawyer? What about your firm attracted them to you?

Attorney experience

Have you ever worked with an attorney before? This question will determine if you need to explain how a case progresses through the court system and other legal information.


How serious is the client about bringing legal action?


What are the client’s interests? What do they want to achieve?


Tell me about your case. What is the client telling you? What is the client not telling you?


How would you like to handle communication with our office?


What are your expectations of us?


What concerns you most about your case? What insight does this give you into them and their case?

Desired outcome

What your client is hoping to accomplish?

Next steps

What are the next steps after this meeting?

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