Competitive Analysis Meeting

Use this template to see where your product stands in the market. You can learn more about what's working, what's not, and how to improve.

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Tone of the meeting

Company information

Step 1: Begin by filling out your company information. You may wish to include some high-level information about your company such as your mission, values, value proposition, etc. as well as an overview of your main competitors.


Step 2: Describe your product/service information. This can include pricing, channels, and deeper competitor info.


Step 3: Gather information about the market. This can include a percentage of market share, competitors' social media/web presence, and your company's position in the market.


Step 4: Create a SWOT analysis.





Competitive advantages

Step 5: Define your competitive advantage.

Action items

What came out of this meeting? What are the next steps?

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