Content Marketing Performance Measurement

Measure the performance of your marketing efforts by reviewing these key content marketing metrics. Curated by Alina Petrova, Head of Marketing at Semrush.

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Tone of the meeting

👤 User behaviour

Discuss changes in user behaviour and what actions can you take to improve these metrics.



New and returning users

Average time on page

Bounce rate

Pages per session

Traffic sources

💡 Engagement

Compare how users engaged with your content this month vs. in previous months.




🎯 SEO outcome

How do this month’s organic traffic, backlink, and keyword numbers compare to the previous period?

Organic traffic

Dwell time


Keyword rankings

💰 Revenue

What ROI is the company getting from our content?


Cost per acquisition

New leads generated

Existing leads nurtured

🔍 Extra factors

Optional: review how far website visitors scroll down your pages on average and the overall grade of your website quality.

Scroll depth


💻 Content production metrics

Review these metrics to build a more efficient editorial plan.

Content creation time

Performance over time

✅ Action items

What came out of this meeting? What are our next steps/key decisions?

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