Customer Success Reference Check

Acquire a better understanding of the candidate's skills, knowledge, and talents with this reference check template curated by Sarah Collins, Head of Customer Success at Fellow.

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Tone of the meeting

🔍 Context

Start the call by introducing yourself and thanking the reference for their time. Then, proceed to ask the following questions.

Tell me about how you and [name] worked together.

Can you confirm what their title was?

🤝 Collaboration and Customer Service

Understand if the candidate possesses teamwork and communication skills.

How did [name] get along with others in the workplace?

How are [name]’s customer service skills?

How were their interactions with customers?

🚀 Performance

Ask questions to understand the candidate’s strengths — as well as their areas of improvement.

What advice do you have for their hiring manager to get the most out of their strength?

Did [name] have any major accomplishments while working for you?

If you were to create a role for this person, what responsibilities would you assign this person vs. other members of the team?

How does [name] respond to feedback?

What skills would you bave liked to see the candidate develop to reach their full potential?

💬 Final questions

After asking these two questions, end the call on a positive note by thanking the person for their time once again.

Would you work with [name] again?

What else should I know about the candidate that I didn’t ask?

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