Customer Success Specialist Interview

Customer Success Specialists play an essential role in customer retention and community building. Use this template to hire a great candidate for the role!

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Customer Success
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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Give the candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves to you and potentially other interviewers.

Tell me about yourself?

Can you pitch our product in 3 seconds?

👤 Customer success experience

Learn about the candidate’s previous customer success experience.

Can you describe when you had to alter your normal approach to a customer to fix an issue?

How do you incorporate upsells into your customer success work?

How would you manage the problem if a server outage affected multiple customers?

💬 Interpersonal skills

Learn more about their interpersonal skills.

What are some of your strengths and areas of improvement?

Describe a difficult relationship you've had with a co-worker in the past and how you handled it.

If you were working with a client and realized one of your teammates gave them incorrect information, how would you handle the situation with the customer and your teammate?

🤝 Collaboration

Learn more about how they would collaborate with other teams.

How should customer success collaborate with other branches of the business?

Describe a time when you worked closely with marketing and sales. How did it go?


Any questions for me?

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