Design Brief Meeting

Are you looking to add more structure to your design brief meeting? Use this template to present your team with a thorough overview of the new project.

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Tone of the meeting

⭐ Design requirements

Provide a quick overview of the different design stages this project will require.


List any problems that you are looking to solve.

🏆 Goal

Identify the overall goals. What are we trying to achieve with this project?

✨ Potential solutions

Brainstorm solutions how to address the problems listed above.

🚧 Potential roadblocks

Discuss potential roadblocks. What challenges should we anticipate and solve preemptively?

💻 Resources

List the resources that the team will be working with.

📅 Timeline

Outline the timeline for this project. List any specific deadlines.

✅ Next steps

How is the work going to be distributed? Who is doing which task?

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