Design Review Meeting

Use this design review template to identify challenges, opportunities and questions about new projects and designs.\n\n

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Tone of the meeting

👀Overview — 5 min

Review the meeting agenda and answer any immediate questions.

🔍Background — 1 min

Data about the user, the value of design to the user, business value and success KPIs.

🎨Conduct the design review — 15 min

Designated presenter(s) showcase the design while participants capture their feedback in the note.

🗣Feedback lighting review and clustering — 3 min

What was the feedback you received in this meeting?

✅Prioritization & next steps — 3 min

Determine next steps and action items to move the project forward.

🔄Retro — 15 min (Optional)

Measure your teams’ feelings about the meeting. Pro tip: Use Fellow’s meeting feedback feature.

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