Disney Creative Strategy

Fuel innovation and creativity with this brainstorming method inspired by Walt Disney.

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💭 The Dreamer

Build a pool of creative ideas (no restrictions or criticism!). Determining the viable creative concepts comes later as a result of the second and third thinking styles.

What problem do we want to solve?

What are all the different solutions we can think of?

💡 The Realist

Now, let’s think in a more logical planning style. How can we apply these ideas in reality?

What would be the action plans to apply these ideas?

What would the timeline look like?

🔍 The Critic

In this section of the meeting, the team provides a constructive critique for the ideas in order to find the weak points and solve them in the final solution.

What could go wrong with these ideas?

What are some potential challenges or risks?

✅ Action Items

Document key decisions and next steps.

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