Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Brainstorm

Empower the leaders of your organization to be diversity and inclusion champions with this Diversity, Equity and Inclusion brainstorming meeting template.

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📌 Purpose

Let’s begin by stating the purpose and importance of this meeting and what we hope to accomplish together.

🤝 What does DEI mean?

Let’s define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and its importance in the workplace.

🔍 Discovery

Let’s start by gaining an awareness of the types of diversity in and across groups.

🙏 Self-reflection

Have each leader think about their own individual and collective perspective, identity, values, and culture.

🎯 Setting goals and metrics

Host a brief brainstorming session on how to set clear goals and metrics that will foster greater equity.

🔄 Ongoing efforts

DEI requires ongoing efforts to lead inclusivity within a company. This meeting is one step towards becoming an inclusive organization. What are some continuous rituals or initiatives we can implement to work towards that goal?

✅ Next steps

List action items that must be completed before the next DEI meeting.

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