Drift's 60-Minute Sales Team Meeting

Motivate your sales team with this weekly agenda focusing on recognition/celebration, improvements, and creating actionable items for the team. Curated by Drift.

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Tone of the meeting

🎉 Celebration (5-1 minutes)

Share recent wins stand-up style, or have one rep announce the top wins from the team.

🎯Goals and forecast (5-15 minutes)

Highlight any weekly, monthly, and quarterly goal progress (ex. appointments, emails sent) along with individual sales forecasts and deals

👾 Game or contest (1-15 minutes)

Review the status of an ongoing contest with team-based or individual-based incentivization.

💪 Training (1-15 minutes)

Help the team grow with a team exercise/presentation given by a subject matter expert, or sales leader offering up hard-earned lessons or advice.

🤔 Problem-solving (5-15 minutes)

Share any blockers and/or challenges with the team. Immediately address each issue.

✅ Take action (5-1 minutes)

Review action items that were discussed in the meeting.

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