Early Stage Startup Interview

When interviewing a candidate for a startup company, look for candidates that can answer the following eight questions with concise and impactful answers!

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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Ask the candidate to give a quick introduction.

Tell me about yourself

Describe yourself in three words.

💬 Fit

Ask the candidate why they think they are a good fit for this role.

Why do you think you’re a good fit for this company?

What can you do for the company?

✍️ Experience

Ask the candidate about their previous experience relevant to the role.

Tell me about your last project. What worked and what didn’t?

🤔 Other questions

Ask the candidate additional questions that will help clarify if they qualify for the role.

What are some of the new ideas you would implement in this position?

What’s the best advice you’ve recently received?

Can you tell me about something [totally irrelevant]?

What will you do if you are unsuccessful in securing this opportunity?


Any questions for me?

✅ Next steps

Communicate with the candidate what the next steps are.

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