Employee Promotion

Announce a new promotion to your direct report and ensure that all important talking points are discussed for a smooth transition.

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Tone of the meeting

🎉 Congratulations

Congratulate the employee on their new promotion!

⭐️ Reason for promotion

Have a discussion with the employee about the reasons for their promotion. Include performance, skills, abilities and qualifications.

🗓 Effective date

Discuss with the employee how the transition will work logistically (effective start date, compensation, etc.).

👤 New role and responsibilities

Discuss with the employee what responsibilities the new role will entail.

📣 Company announcement

Discuss with the employee what the company announcement will look like.

👋 Introduction to new team members (if necessary)

If the employee is joining a new team or new management, discuss the process of introducing them to that team.

✅ Next steps

List any next steps for the employee regarding their promotion/transition.

❓ Questions

Any questions for me?


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