End-Of-Year Staff Meeting Agenda

This template includes topics to run an effective, productive, meaningful, and fun end-of-year staff meeting the whole organization looks forward to.

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Meeting Scope
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Tone of the meeting

🎉 Celebrate

List results and key metrics from the year.

 👏 Progress

Showcase the progress this year, such as how the company has evolved, new processes, projects, etc.

🗣 Team values

Recognize times your team exemplified corporate values.

👀 Next year’s goals

Review next year’s goals and brainstorm new initiatives to achieve them.

🎁 Rewards

Distribute gift vouchers, company swag, or other rewards to show your team appreciation.

📣 Shoutouts

Give a shout-out to any deserving team member!

💬 Feedback

Send a feedback form or survey to your team so that you can hear their thoughts on the past year.

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