Financial Analysts Interview

Looking to recruit a financial analyst for your team? Use this Financial Analysts Interview Template to uncover your candidate's hard and soft skills!

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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Ask the candidate to give a quick introduction.

Tell me about yourself

✍️ Financial reporting

Ask the candidate questions about experience with financial reporting,

What types of financial reporting software and systems have you used in previous jobs?

Tell me about the typical reports you generated in your last position—how were they used?

Tell me how you would put together an investment proposal for senior management.

How do you maintain accuracy and quality control in your work?

💪 Challenges

Ask the candidate about how they dealt with previous challenges.

Describe a time when you faced a particularly tight deadline or had to juggle multiple projects. How did you overcome that challenge?

In previous roles, what have you done when you couldn’t find the information you need?

💡 Insights

Ask the candidate about their experience providing useful insights for an organization.

Tell me about a time when you had an insight that helped your company make a better decision about financing or valuation.


Any questions for me?

✅ Next steps

Communicate with the candidate what the next steps are.

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