First Design Team Meeting

Get to know your Design team and set expectations about design projects, tools, and team communication methods.

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Meeting Scope
Team Wide
Meeting type
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Tone of the meeting

👋 Getting to know each other

Icebreakers and questions to learn about everyone's background/hobbies.

💬 About your manager

A little bit about my experience, values, and preferred methods of communication.

🎨 Design principles

Discuss the set of considerations and design values that will help your team with decision-making.

🛠 Design tools

Provide an overview of the design software currently used by the team and any tools that the new manager wants to implement.

🏓 Design projects roundtable

Ask each design team member to share a status update on their current projects to bring the new manager up to speed.

💭 Expectations

Discuss the team’s meeting cadence, values, and channels to exchange feedback.


What are some questions you'd like to ask your manager?

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