Formal Board Meeting Minutes

An overview of the formal board meeting agenda and the areas you need to report on as the minute taker.

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Meeting Scope
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Meeting type
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Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting

Call to order

Facilitated by the Chair of the Board.

[Meeting facilitator] called to order the regular meeting of [Organization] at [time] on [date] in [location].

Roll call

Secretary conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

Approval of minutes

Before any official business can be conducted, the board must approve the minutes from the last meeting.

[Secretary] read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved.

Open issues

Items that the board has previously discussed that are ready for formal approval.

New business

These items may be voted on, amended, tabled, moved to committee for consideration, or postponed.


After all open issues and new business has been discussed and documented, the meeting facilitator will adjourn the board meeting.

[Meeting facilitator] adjourned the meeting at [time meeting ended].

Submission and approval of minutes

Minute taker must submit the minutes for approval by the Board Chair or meeting facilitator.

Minutes submitted by: [Name]

Minutes approved by: [Name]

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