HR Coordinator Interview

Looking to fill the HR Coordinator position on your team? Use this Interview Template to find someone amazing who has great long-term potential!

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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Give the candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves to you and potentially other interviewers.

Tell me about yourself?

Why are you interested in HR?

👤 Interpersonal skills

Learn about the candidate’s interpersonal skills with the questions below.

Can you describe a conflict you had with someone in your last job or past experience?

How would you handle a situation with a disgruntled employee?

How would you handle an unethical situation at work?

Can you provide examples of how you are compassionate, empathetic and compliant?

🔬 Strategy

Learn a little more about their strategic vision.

How would you assist in improving company products/services as an HR coordinator?

What team-building exercises would you suggest to boost employee and company morale?

What characterizes a successful training session with a new employee?

🤝 Collaboration

Learn a little bit more about how they would collaborate with other teams.

How should HR work with the other branches of the business?


Any questions for me?

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