Interview Debrief

Making smart hiring decisions is an essential part of running a successful business. Use this template to discuss interview performance with your colleagues and hire the right candidate!

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💪 Experience

Hiring considerations based on experience.

How much does this candidate's experience match the job requirements?

Was this candidate able to share real situations where they have succeeded in their role?

🚀 Potential

Hiring considerations based on potential.

Will the candidate help drive your business to success?

How much training will this candidate require?

🛠 Hard skills

Hiring considerations based on hard skills.

What skills does the candidate possess that match the job description?

Does this potential new hire have advanced skills that will be helpful in the workplace?

🤝 Soft skills

Hiring considerations based on soft skills.

Do you think the candidate will collaborate with others, communicate effectively, and bring creative solutions to the team?

How quickly does it seem like this candidate will be able to work without supervision?

🤔 Mindset fit

Hiring considerations based on cultural fit.

Do the candidates' values and attitudes match the values of the company?

Will they be a good fit for the team they'll work with and the organization as a whole?

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