Leadership Strategic Planning: Drafting a Mission Statement

This meeting template is meant to guide a leadership team through drafting a mission statement in 60 minutes.

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Strategic Meeting
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Tone of the meeting

Welcome [5 minutes]

Reminder of what is the purpose of this meeting, the expectations, desired outcome.

Scope of Work [1 minutes]

Remind the team of what a mission statement entails and why it is important.

Brainstorming [2 minutes]

Ask each team member to brainstorm the following questions individually. Discuss the answers afterwards.

Who is the organization serving and why?

What does this business do? Silent brainstorming words or phrases that describe what the

What problem is your business solving?

Identify Themes [5 minutes]

Identify themes from the brainstorming and identify commonalities.

Prioritize Concepts [5 minutes]

Which themes were most dominant? Which themes resonate? Prioritize concepts that should be included in the mission statement.

Draft Options [1 minutes]

Draft options of the mission statement, tweaking the language accordingly.

Next Steps [5 minutes]

Determine next steps such as who will be publishing the mission statement.


Anything else to write down?

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