Marketing Sprint Planning

Use this template to drive your next Marketing Sprint Planning session to go from zero, to a marketing campaign in just 5 days.

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Day 1: Map and Refinement

Collect and review campaign goals, audience data, user journey and create a mock campaign.

Confirm tasks, goals, and objectives of the marketing campaign

Research target audience and users

Create a user journey map to understand how users interact with the campaign

Divide the team into groups to build a creative concept that promotes the campaign

Day 2: Sketch and Concept

All groups pitch their ideas and two are chosen to move forward.

Teams pitch creative concepts from Day 1

The group provides feedback on the concepts

Decision-maker selects two final concepts to move forward with

Of the two final concepts, teams must create a pitch deck for the decision-maker

Day 3: Decide

One creative concept is chosen and the team must produce different variations of the concept.

Teams pitch the two creative concepts to the decision-maker

The decision-maker chooses the best creative concept for the campaign

Team members are assigned different marketing channels to create the concept for

e.g. our emails, social posts, blog CTAs, ads, and videos

Day 4: Prototype

Create a prototype of how the campaign will look in the different marketing channels.

Create a promotional video story

Create mock-ups for the various marketing channels

Create a refined pitch-deck

Day 5: Test

Present the refined pitch deck to an audience, ask for feedback and iterate.

Pitch the creative concept to individuals from other departments

Address any questions from the audience and send a Google form after the meeting

Based on the feedback, review and finalize the creative concept and iterate

Day 6: Retro

Gather feedback from the team to understand what went well and areas of improvement for the future.

What the team did well

What the team did not do well

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