Merge and Acquisition Management Meeting

The seller of the business should use this Merge and Acquisition Management Meeting Agenda to exchange vital information with the buyer of the business.

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Meeting Scope
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Meeting type
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Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Start with a brief introduction and round table of those attending the meeting.

💸 Buyer discussion

The buyer discusses relevant aspects of the acquisition.

Overview of company or fund

Overview of investment strategy

Reason for pursuing the seller

🤝 Seller discussion

The seller provides an overview of their interests.

Overview of objectives (Sell the entire company, a portion, etc.)

Is the seller amenable to structuring?

Cash at closing preferences?

Involvement afterwards

🚀 Opportunities

List the key strengths of the business (brand name, revenues, profits).

⚙️ Recent changes

Discuss recent improvements or changes to the business.

📈 Financial update

Provide updated financials and revenue forecasting.

❓ Questions

Any questions?

✅ Action items

What are the next steps? What are the action items?


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