New Year Sales Kickoff Event

Be ready for growth and progress in the new year! Use our sales kickoff meeting agenda to invigorate your team as you begin a new sales year. Curated by the team at Pipedrive.

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Tone of the meeting

👥 Networking (1 hr)

Give your sales team some time to catch up. This can be over coffee, breakfast, or any other time.

📆 Year in review (3 min)

Summarize the past sales year in numbers, celebrate wins, highlight industry trends or discuss key changes within your organization.

🗣️ Internal speaker (45 min)

Have a member of your sales or marketing teams share a personal success story, provide a marketing update, or demonstrate a new product.

🗣️ Guest speaker (3 min)

Have a customer speak at this event to share their experience and expertise.

🔨 Workshop (1 hr)

Run an interactive theme-based workspace, brainstorming sessions, or sales/product training.

🏆 Team-building activity (45 min)

Organize a friendly competition group event such as a quiz, physical challenge, etc.

🗣️Keynote or motivational guest speaker (1 hr)

Invite a keynote or motivational guest speaker to present to the team. Their presentation should tie to your theme in an inspirational or educational way.

👥 Guided breakout discussion (45 min)

Facilitate a roundtable discussion around your guest speaker’s presentation.

📹 Lighthearted company skit or video (3 min)

Share a motivating or funny team video.

📦 Wrap-up (3 min)

End your Sales Kickoff with encouraging words from the company CEO, or members of the leadership team.

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