New Year Team Kick-Off Meeting

This new year team kick-off meeting template will help everyone get ready for the big year ahead after a restful, much-needed holiday season.

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Tone of the meeting

💭 Positive reflection

Reflect and identify what went well last year.

What achievement are we most proud of?

Which of our successes was the most unexpected?

What did we achieve that was above and beyond our goals?

What awards or recognition did the company or any team members win?

💭 Constructive reflection

Reflect and identify past mistakes as learning opportunities.

Where did we struggle or drop the ball last year?

What were the most frustrating moments?

Which mistakes could we have predicted?

How did we apply what we learned from these errors to avoid similar mistakes?

Which goals did we set but not quite achieve last year?

Where did we fall behind?

🎉 New year

Using insights from the last two sections, reflect on which practices will be carried into the new year to create action items.

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