Peer 1-on-1 Meeting

Peer 1:1's build rapport between coworkers and allow teams to get a better sense of how everyone operates together to improve inter-company communication.

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One on one
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1-on-1 Meetings
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Tone of the meeting

🚀 Projects

Discuss what projects both attendees are working on.

What projects/initiatives should both of our teams know about?

What’s on the roadmap for the next couple of weeks?

💪 Teamwork

Discuss any opportunities to work together or to help achieve goals.

How can my team help your team within the next couple of weeks?

What’s one thing we could change that would help your team?

What's one thing I can start doing to make your job easier?

💬 Feedback

Discuss feedback to share with the teams.

Do you have any feedback (positive or constructive) for my team?

How can we improve cross-departmental communication?

✅ Action Items

What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?

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