Peer Perspective Meeting

If you're a manager in need of a simple peer perspective, use this template as a way to connect with your peer and gain outlook on your work. Curated by Colleen McCreary, Chief People, Places, & Publicity Officer at Credit Karma.

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Tone of the meeting

🤔 Reflection

What was the most meaningful observation that you've reflected on from your peer and or upward perspectives?

📚 Learning

When you get these perspectives again in four to six months, which characteristics do you want folks to recognize as improvements?

🚀 Action

What actions and support do you need and do you want between now and the next cycle to make this a reality?

💪 Enablement

As a manager, what can I start, stop or continue that will help you in your growth journey?

✅ Next steps

What came out of this meeting? What are the next steps?

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