Phone Screen Interview

Use this template to get a deeper understanding of your candidate in order to see whether or not they are suitable for the hiring position.

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Tone of the meeting

🙂 The Basics

Keep it simple and start with phone interview questions that verify the information.

Can you describe your background?

Why are you looking for a new job?

Where are you in your job search process?

When could you start working?

💰Salary expectations

This is an important question to ask early because it sheds light on the candidate’s expectations and whether they are making more than what you expect to offer.

What is your salary at your current job?

How much would you like to earn in this position?

Are there specific benefits that are important to you?

Would it be a deal-breaker for you if we don’t offer _____ benefit?

💪 Desire for the Job

Evaluate their work style and interest in this job, along with their motivation for leaving their last one.

What reasons do you have for leaving your most recent job?

What attracted you to apply for this position?

Describe your current job responsibilities.

What motivates you in a job?

Do you have specific questions about this role?

💭 Knowledge of the Company

These give you a clue about whether the interviewee took the time to do some company research.

What attracted you to our organization?

What do you know about our products or services?

Do you use our products or services?

What size firms have you worked in (small, medium, large), and do you have a preference?

🚩 Issues with the Resume

Be sure to raise any concerns or red flags that came up when you read the job candidate's resume and cover letter.

What skills have you recently gained or strengthened?

How are your skills a match for this job?

What did you do during the yearlong gap in your employment? (If applicable)

Did your internship at _____ give you specific experience to apply to this job? (If they’re a recent college graduate).

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