Post Acquisition 1-on-1 Meeting

Acquisitions mean managing many new responsibilities. Building relationships with direct reports bridges the gap between the new leadership and employees.

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One on one
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1-on-1 Meetings
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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Tell me a bit about yourself.

🌱 Professional growth

Learn about your new direct report by discussing professional growth.

What are your aspirations—professionally and personally?

What gives you energy, and what drains it?

💬 Thoughts on the new environment ☁️

Ask your direct report about their thoughts on the acquisition.

How did you feel about the sale?

What do you expect from the new leadership?

What strengths and weaknesses does the team have in your opinion.

If there is one thing you could change about the company, what would it be?

❓Anything else you’d like to talk about today

Any questions? Anything you’d like to discuss?

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