Post-Event Debrief: Social Media Engagement Review

Evaluate social media usage during your conference and discuss trends and opportunities for future events!

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Audience 🌏

Start with sharing metrics.

  • How many people posted about the event?
  • How did the engagement levels change over time?

User sentiment 🧠

When analysing your event’s social campaign, break it down into three areas:

Brand: What were the sentiments/levels of enthusiasm when discussing your brand?

Conference: What was the general sentiment when discussing the conference or event itself?

Content: What was the sentiment when discussing specific event content?

Activity:This is an extension of both audience and sentiment, yet it takes measurement to another level.

Amplification: How did activity levels change, grow, decline, over time?

Applause: How many likes or shares did each post receive?

Conversation: How many total comments and replies did your posts or streams receive?

Registration: How many people actually registered to attend your conference due to those posts?

Insights  💡

Two important audience insights for how we can better filter and meter our social media efforts.

Location: How localised was your event vs. how far were your messages reaching and who were they resonating with?

Known On-site Attendees: Were there any noticeable trends throughout the social activity for known attendees of the event?

Post Event 🤹‍♂️

Action items for after the live event and webcast replays have wrapped.

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