Post Growth Marketing Interview Reflection

Use this template to reflect on the recent Growth Marketing interviews that you have conducted to determine who will be the best fit for the role. Curated by Igor Gorbatko, co-founder at Growth Engineers.

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Post-interview questions

Reflect on the following questions following a Growth Marketing candidate interview to determine if they were the right fit for the role.

Does the candidate share your values and mission and will they work well with people already on the team?

Does the candidate have or can they learn all the skills needed to effectively accomplish what is expected in this role?

Do they have the right mix of creativity, analytical thinking, and curiosity to thrive in this position and deliver results?

How does the candidate rank in terms of integrity, grit, and adaptability?

Is this someone with leadership potential who can build and manage your marketing team in the future?

Is this an amazing person?

Will I learn from this person every day?

Is this person passionate about growth marketing and the role at my company?

Do I feel a certain level of chemistry and likeability for this person? Is this someone that I want to be around?

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