Project Proposal Meeting

Provide background information on your project, discuss budgets and timelines, and outline the steps you will take to execute it.

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Tone of the meeting

Executive summary

capture the attention of your audience and get them excited about the project you’re proposing. This is essentially the “elevator pitch” for the project life cycle. It should be short and to the point.

Project background

Explain when this issue started, its current state and how your project will be the ideal solution.

Project approach

Define the project management methodology, tools, and governance.

Budget and timeline

Make a rough estimate of how long this job will take to complete. Include some milestones that will let you know if the project is on track once they have been met.


Determine which internal stakeholders will be in charge of the project.

Communication plan

How do we intend to update each other and stay informed at different stages of the project?

Additional information

Use this section as an appendix to include technical documents or statistics.

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