Quality Advisory Committee Meeting Template

Use this template for a 90 minute Quality Advisory Committee meetings.

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Meeting Scope
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Meeting type
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Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting

Approval of Agenda

Write down who is approving the agenda and the previous meeting minutes.


Previous Meeting Minutes

Business Arising from Minutes

Confirmation that action items have been completed and a discussion on outstanding actions.

New Business

Goals and objectives

Discussion on new goals, revised objectives and actions going forward.

Staff Changes and New Staff

Staff Under Supervision

Expansion and Relocation Plans

General Practice Goals


Recommendations from Assessment Visit/Ministry of Health X‐ray Inspection Services.

Policies and Procedures

Discussion points are including but are not limited to…

Policy and Procedures Manual (general updates, staff sign-off)

Technical (general practice guidelines for the facility)

Infection Control

Safety Data Sheets


IPAC Requirements

Review of IPAC requirements and staff orientation/training.


Discussion on problems, upgrades, training or facility configuration issues.

Incidents or Complaints

Discussion on incidents or complaints, adverse drug reactions and complications.


Review of the results of the Facility’s quality review process.

Current Statistics

Review of current statistics on the time between referral and subsequent diagnostic examinations/treatment.

Difficult Cases

Review of difficult or inconclusive cases and how they were dealt with.

Survey Results

Patient/referring physician survey results.

Staff Questions

Staff performance appraisals & training.

Meeting Adjourned

End the meeting and confirm the next meeting time.

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