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Get the essential information you need to make your final hiring decision. Curated by Jennie Sanford, Head of Human Resources at Fellow.

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👋 Intros

Introduce yourself and thank the reference for their time. Explain that the reference check should take 1-15 minutes as you want to be respectful of the reference’s time.

Name of Reference:


(at the time of knowing candidate)


🔍 Relationship with applicant

Confirm employment dates and titles they claim on their resume and LinkedIn.

Can you tell me about your relationship with [applicant] at [company]?

Were you in a position to supervise their work?

📌 Applicant experience

Ask questions about the applicant’s day-to-day work and performance at their previous job.

How would you describe [applicant’s] work ethic?

Can you describe their ability to work with others (their customers, coworkers, stakeholders)?

Can you give me an example of how they respond to feedback?

🌱 Growth opportunities

Inquire about potential areas of improvement.

We all have things we can grow and learn throughout our careers, what would you say is an area they could further develop or improve upon?

💬 Closing thoughts

End the conversation with the following questions (and don’t forget to thank the reference for their time!).

If you had the chance to rehire this person again for this same role, would you?

Is there anything else you think I should know?

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