Remote Scrum Team Agreement

Set your remote Scrum team up for success by developing a clear remote team agreement. Use this template to set clear expectations to help your team avoid stress and enhance productivity. Curated by agile coach Paddy Corry.

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Tone of the meeting

⭐️ Purpose

Outline the purpose of the meeting and why you are creating a Remote Scrum Team Agreement.

🔨 Tools

List the communication/work tools the team will be using.

✅ Status beacons

Discuss status beacons with the team. What does each beacon mean?

😎 Team golden hours

Have each team member list their best hours of the day for productive work.

🗓 Schedule of Scrum events

Outline what Scrum events will take place on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

🤝 Meeting etiquette

Present meeting etiquette that the facilitator can invoke at the start of each meeting.

👥 Team member contact

Discuss the best ways to communicate as a team virtually.

☕️ Informal contact

Decide on any protocols for informal contact with colleagues such as coffee chats, remote lunches.

💬 Stakeholder contact

List the stakeholders. What is the best way to communicate with them?

☎️ Dependency contact

Identify the person/people who the team should contact when in need of assistance.

✅ Next steps

What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?


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