Sales - CS Customer Handoff Meeting

Ensure a smooth handoff and set a strong foundation for your customer with this template for Sales and Customer Success teams.

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Meeting Scope
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Meeting type
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Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting


Why did the Customer buy the product / what problem are they trying to solve?

Success metrics

What does success mean for the customer?

Key Contacts

Who is the Buyer of the product? Who are the Influencers, Champions, and Detractors within the account?


What are potential roadblocks one may face in making the customer successful?


Armed with context about the customer, the CSM can ask further questions and understand more about the Account and Buyer from the AE.

Next steps

Schedule an expectation-setting meeting.

AE to set up a time with the customer to introduce the CSM and help set the right expectations with the customer and kickstart the onboarding.

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