Sales Discovery Meeting (Gong)

Use this discovery call template to identify new opportunities and set the trajectory of your deal.

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Tone of the meeting


Ask situational questions to qualify your buyer.

What is your [or your team’s] process for X?

Why do you do X this way?

Is there a budget in place for X?

How much time have you spent doing X this way?

How much budget do you have assigned to X?

How much of an impact does X have on your business?

Unearth pain

Surface areas of opportunity and paint a picture of what could be “going better.”

How satisfied are you with X?

What’s your biggest challenge as it relates to X?

What will prevent you from achieving your top priorities?

How many people do you have to bring in to achieve your desired results?

What happens if you fail to achieve X?

If a problem surfaces with X, are you able to easily solve it?

Intensify pain

Ask implication questions to reveal how deep the pain points of your buyers are.

How much money are you wasting due to X problem?

How is X impacting the rest of your team?

How many opportunities have you missed as a result of this problem?

Has it impacted your organization’s morale? How so?

What happens if you don’t [accomplish goal] by the end of this year?

Build a vision

Open up a discussion about the end result and a solution that could be delivered.

What do you personally gain from achieving X goal?

How much money would you save each month by resolving Y?

If you could wave a magic wand, how would you change your operation?

What’s the ideal state for your and your team at this point? How do you get there?

Next steps

Schedule your next step before you end the discovery call.

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